Insurance Word 3D Collage Proteciton Security from HarmFinancial Protection is an important part of providing financial security to you and your family in the event of something unexpected happening.

We all hope that nothing like this would happen to us. But if it did, it could have a devastating effect on a family’s finances.

If you or your partner were to die unexpectedly, would your family have enough to live on or would the mortgage be repaid? If you or your partner were unable to work for a prolonged period of time through illness or accident, would your salary cease to be paid causing you financial difficulties?

Good planning can minimise the effects of any such unexpected events.

At First4Finances, our advisers will:

  • Establish the amount and types of protection you will need.
  • Find the most appropriate provider for the type of protection you need and that also fits within your budget.
  • Review any existing cover to ensure that your plans are still suitable and that the level of cover you have reflects your current needs and circumstances.
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